Costa Mesa, CA - July 15, 2011

Get ready everyone!! On a beautiful summer night in a packed sold out amphitheatre, Bob gave us a show. He came out smiling and immediately started dancing and doing Charlie Sexton crouches behind his keyboard as he opened with "Gonna Change My Way of Thinking". The set list was similar to the previous opening night in Santa Barbara. People of all ages, many brought their young children, young girls laughing and calling out to Bob to "marry me". The mood was set and we were happy as well as Bob. One of my husband's and mine little things that we say to each other when we disagree on something is "Get on down the road. You ain't got no brains anyhow." So we got our head on each other's shoulder moment when Bob launched into "Sugar Baby". It's those little things
that always make Bob's shows special. That little something that touches you personally. Bob and the Band totally changed the pace and timing and total feel of "Highway 61". Instead of the crescendo building romp that really gets you all fired up, tonight's version was more like a jazz version. Very interesting, not sure what I think about it, but it definitely perked my ears up. Bob makes
us pay attention. The most beautiful version of "Forgetful Heart" that I have ever heard was the highlight of the night for me. Bob's voice was clear and full of sadness and regret. Just mesmerized me as I sat spellbound. BEAUTIFUL! There was alot of interaction between Bob and the Band. At one point Charlie was having trouble with his guitar strap, then we heard some discordant sounds. Bob is laughing at Charlie, Charlie is laughing at Bob and Stu and Tony in their respective corners are laughing, too. "High Water" had Donnie on mandolin and he and Tony added their piercing strident sounds that add to the chaos of the song. An ominous "Ballad of a Thin Man" and then on to "Like a Rolling Stone" which always brings sadness because you know it's almost over. That song and "Blowing in the Wind" still brings tears to my eyes. Go, go, go everybody!!! "Don't You Dare Miss It". Bob is on fire!!!! Got to go now. Heading out to Vegas to see Bob again tonight. Can't wait.
Review Location: 
Costa Mesa, CA
Review Date: 
Friday, July 15, 2011
Review Author: 
Colleen McCray