Linz, Austria -- June 12, 2010

I have never written a "review" about a (Dylan) concert, but this time, about Linz, I do have the desire to share those precious memories of that fabulous last night's show with you. I'm still under its spell, I can't help, I just need to tell,
I am still under its spell. The show was supposed to be seated, but luckily people behaved like sheep, following their instincts and flocking together at the meadow's best places, that is close to the stage. The local security was not amused. Although they kept informing us in strong Austrian dialect and harsh voices to "sit down because otherwise the concert will not start at all" (- hahahahaha - ), we held out patiently and stuck together – harmless sheep surrounded by dutiful dogs. Luckily a tall guy from Dylan's people came across the stage and started calming one dog – "It's alright" – and it was more than alright: the joyful crowd applauded, the lights went off, the band and Dylan got onstage, kicking off with Leopard-Skin-Pill-Box Hat. That concert was different. There was something in the air, right from the beginning until the very end. To me, this atmosphere was also definitely maintained by the great audience and setlist, which was completely different to the night before (Prague).
We were spoilt by fantastic versions of songs such as The Man In Me, Tangled, Hattie Carroll, Hollis Brown, What Good Am I?, Not Dark Yet – and very surprisingly for most of us – Forever Young instead Watchtower. Obviously, it had been decided in the course of the "working process", at least it seemed so.
Apropos, "Forever Young": Maybe I was only selective in my perception, yet to me it was rather striking that there were lots of kids in the audience, and since I was sharing the meadow with some of them, I asked them about their age. They were between 13 and 15 years young and – except for one boy – they saw Dylan for their very first time. Chubby, beautiful faces with rose cheeks and huge smiles – so nice to watch, too.
Besides, Ballad of a Thin Man was definitely another highlight. I am sure, Dylan's way of singing has captivated the dead. Everything just "turned into" the song, it was like "we don't know what's happening in here but..." Another very nice and extremely hilarious scene took place at the end of the concert: an amused Dylan got close to some first-row-people and pretended to shake hands with them. Lots of hands were outstretched, hoping to grab the "carrot" hanging down so damned close. Dylan, who had bent down, kept looking and smiling at his fans in a kind of warmhearted way. Then he went back to have a short chat with his band, turned around again to have a last look at his fans, nodded, smiled, and left – after having given a concert that has left us coooooompletely stunned and perplex. Linz + June 11, 2010 – a date and place to be remembered doubtlessly. Thank you, Bob.
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Linz, Austria
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Saturday, June 12, 2010
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