November 14, 2011

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Greetings Fan Club members and friends, We are getting in touch with a couple of recent requests for interviews
and other fan participation that have been sent to the Bob Dylan Fan Club,
in case there are folks here who would like to participate. These are
opportunities specific to France and New York based Bob fans. Obviously,
participation in either opportunity is completely voluntary, and our
communication does not constitute an endorsement of either project; we’re
just passing along the requests and contact info. First, Francios Gorin, a writer for Telerama (, a
weekly magazine about culture, music and tv, writes: “We are now working on a very special Bob Dylan issue, to be published
next February (100 pages and around 100,000 copies)… we'd like to have a
portfolio about Dylan fans and their universe: a series of portraits
showing each fan surrounded by his own Dylan records, books and other
memorabilia.” M. Gorin asks to be connected to any French fans who may be interested in
participating. He can be reached at, if you would
like to find out more or express interest in participating in this
project. Second, Monique Headley is a graduate student at Nyack College in New
York. She is working on her thesis involving fan clubs and artist
communications and is looking for approximately 50 Bob Dylan fans located
in New York to participate in a confidential survey as part of her
research. Monique can be reached at for more
information and to discuss. Feel free to forward this info to other Bob fans that may not be a part of
this update list. That’s it for now, hope you are all well!