August 2012 - Bob Dylan: Forever Young - 50 Years of Song

Dear Fan Club Members and Friends,


We hope you are enjoying your summer! We are ever so happy to welcome Bob back to North America and we hope you will be getting out to enjoy some shows (or have enjoyed some recently in Europe)!


We have a contest giveaway to celebrate the 2nd leg of Bob's summer tour. The winner will receive a copy of the Life Magazine special edition that came out earlier this year "Bob Dylan: Forever young - 50 Years of Song." It's a nice collector's piece with rare photos and more! (We thank Mr. Jinx for donating this prize!)


To win, we want you to guess a song that Bob will play only ONCE this tour. In the event that there is more than one correct answer, the winner will be randomly selected from all correct submissions.  If there are no

correct answers (that is, Bob doesn't play any song just once) we will either pick the closest answer if there is one (for example, the person who picks a song that Bob plays just twice), pick randomly from the

closest answers if there are more than one, OR revert to a random drawing from all submissions (if no one is close).


Only one song per answer and only one answer per person, please, and email us your entry here by showtime on Saturday Aug 11... yes, we are getting this email out late so you all get to see one set list before answering, if you want. But we don't really think that will be very helpful, so you may as well just respond right now before you forget!! We will select and announce the winner within a few days of the tour's end.


Good luck & have fun out there! We hope LOTS of you will be getting to see


Bob soon and, as always, if you see us, say hello!


Caroline & Kait