Everybody's Wearing A Disguise: Fall 2013 Contest!

Greetings Fan Club members and friends,

Bob’s fall Europe tour is off to a smashing start! So far, the shows have featured up to 19 songs, a mid-show intermission, and a heavy dose of Tempest including the live debut of Long and Wasted Years. You never know what Bob will do next, so stay tuned. In other news, you might have noticed that we recently passed the 1,000 member mark on our Facebook fan club page, so thank you for your support and participation over there. Our new website forums have begun to fill up with some interesting stuff, too, including posts of our members’ own Bob-inspired creative endeavors in the ‘Inside the Museums’ forum . Please check it out and add your own contributions.

These exciting times call for a new contest! Aside from, as always, wishing that we could go to every show on every tour, we couldn’t help but notice one upcoming night that promises to be especially fun: Halloween in Amsterdam! To get us all in the spirit of the season, we want you to tell us a character from a Bob Dylan song that YOU would like to dress up as, or that you have dressed up as in the past. From Mr. Tambourine Man to Davey the Brothel-Keeper, Bob’s songs are filled with folks who make for fabulous Halloween dress-up, and we can’t wait to hear your ideas. But we also want to SEE your creations, so anyone who accompanies or follows up their contest answer with a photo of themselves in costume will be entered to win twice!

Up for grabs are the following cool prizes: a copy of the September 2013 issue of Uncut Magazine with Bob on the cover; the LP single Duquesne Whistle/Meet Me in the Morning; Bob Dylan Fan Club t-shirts, stickers and buttons; and more! To enter, just email your costume idea and pictures to info@thebobdylanfanclub.com – we’ll accept submissions all month long! We are hoping for lots of replies, lots of winners, and some really fun photos to add to the photo gallery

All the best and, as always, if you see us say hello (if you can recognize us, that is)! Caroline and Kait


The Bob Dylan Fan Club