Everybody's Wearing A Disguise: Fall 2013 Contest WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Greetings Fan Club Members and Happy New Year!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our most recent contest: Everybody’s Wearing a Disguise. Thank you all for your patience this time ‘round – with international Bob travel, busy day jobs, and the holidays, it took us a bit longer than usual to pick and announce these winners. We thank you all for sending in some great entries! To recap, we wanted you to tell us a character from a Bob Dylan song that you would like to dress up as, or that you have dressed up as in the past.


We picked the answers below from the many creative and entertaining replies:

Becky D. once dressed up as "Einstein disguised as Robin Hood." We really liked the idea of this one – a costume within a costume!

Bob W. would like to dress as The Watchman from Tempest. This one intrigued us, as it leaves so much to the imagination and seems open to lots of interpretation… plus it would be appropriate to sleep and dream through the party if you got tired or bored, very convenient!

And finally, Serah D. picked the ragman, whose up and down the block circle-drawing opens Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again… just don’t expect her to tell you what’s the matter, because you know that she don’t talk! Thanks again to everyone for playing and stay tuned for another contest very soon!


Sincerely, Caroline & Kait, Co-Directors