Fargo, ND - September 9, 2006

After missing the Sioux Falls show to cover southeast Minnesota high school football, We
were back on the road to Fargo Saturday morning. I worked until 3 a.m., slept until 6:30,
drove to the Twin Cites by 8 a.m. and was in the GA line by 11:30. We ended up on the
rail at center stage, about 10 feet right of where we stood in Rochester. The day in line was very pleasant. Nice restrooms were available, it was a perfect
weather-wise and Ally got a free cardboard box of coffee. I didn't know those even
existed. Coupled with a sub sandwich (Which you can see me eating elsewhere on this
website), it made for a good in-line meal. Robin and Lex from Kansas were the first two in line, which was no surprise. Kait and
Caroline made it up to Fargo with no problems, at least until Caroline stepped in that
mud puddle. There was also a sprinkler fiasco the night before that left all the line
sleepers wet. The first four songs were identical to the one from Mayo Field, but the show took on a
whole different vibe after that. It's one of those things you'll only get from a Dylan
show. Thursday night we got a very rocking, high-energy show and two days later we got
treated to a barrage of acoustic gems, though they were played with mostly electric
instruments. I'll be Your Baby Tonight turned out to be a lot of fun, a lot like YAGN, and the
four-song stretch of Don't Think Twice, Masters, Tangled and Boots was outstanding. Bob
overcame early upsinging in DTT, and Tangled featured the Tropicana verse. Boots was kind
of choppy, but in a good way. No upsinging and a lot of dedication to each and every word.
Highway 61, Simple Twist, Summer Days and the encores closed out the show in similar
fashion as two nights earlier. The songs are always fun to hear, in my book.
Anyway, time for a month break from Bob and the boys. We're looking forward to the show
in St. Paul, and it's going to be tough not to go to the Chicago runs, so we might show
up there too. Keep spoiling the Midwest , Bob!
Review Location: 
Newman Outdoor Field, Fargo, ND
Review Date: 
Saturday, September 9, 2006
Review Author: 
Matt Steichen