Irvine, CA -- Oct 11, 2019

Tickets went on sale Sept 13th for the 1st show of this leg in Irvine, CA Brent Events Center, on the campus of the University, where I'd not been before, but raised my family in the next city over. While I set my 2yr old grandson up for entertainment, I went to the computer to book my own that morning with gratitude I'd had no pet sitting jobs on the books the eve of the show, as one had canceled due to a wedding that got called off! I would be two days post vacay from a whirlwind SW National Parks tour, including the mule ride to Phantom Ranch in Grand Canyon. Because it had been 2 1/2 mo. since I'd seen the other two Grandsons 4 & 6 yrs, who now reside in the house I raised their father in, I asked for a visit on the way to the show. Miscalculating time for parking, I arrived at the long line out front of the venue when the show started! yikes, that's never happened. Many were upset that is was so unorganized. I couldn't let my mood change and got into my right side stage cathedral seat facing Bob at piano during "It Ain't Me Babe" and sat in between statued individuals, who perhaps were judging my tardiness? They stayed that way the whole show. I vacated the seat a couple time to dance at the back of my section, which to my surprise wasn't thwarted by ushers and where like minded people enjoyed the show. The sound, the songs, & Bob moved me to tears. Purchased my 'Mr Dylan' T. I was disoriented upon exiting a different door and fortunately was givin a ride back to the assumed parking structure in a golf cart by a student volunteer; a place I'd had to pay for with a phone app not previously loaded on, prior to entrance. This is what delayed my on- time arrival, with what they would allow others to drive through the gate faster. So many people were in line still when I got through security. It was still worth seeing my family beforehand and as I drove the 40min home, I contemplated my fortune of having you guys who get Bob the way I do and how he provides us nourishment though his shows.

Review Location: 
Bren Events Center, UC Irvine
Review Date: 
Monday, December 9, 2019
Review Author: 
Lori Anne Hocking