New York, NY -- Dec 6, 2019

Today I immersed myself in observing Bob Dylan during his last of ten Beacon Shows. I have been in awe of the man for 54+ years, and tonight he made my heart sing. He was so on, his phrasing was perfect, his dance moves were delicious, his obvious joy in doing what he does better than anyone ever will, his constant challenging of himself to reinvent his own genius songs and his integrity to his art. I truly felt blessed to be in his presence tonight. Others will review his songs, tonight I focused on the man. His harmonica playing was extraordinary. His piano playing inventive and essential to the band’s sound, his guitar solo was both tender and sweet coming from an old man’s hands (he wore a ring on each hand and his Oscar was displayed behind his piano). He rocked tonight. He kindly introduced each band member and audience member Martin Scorsese. What a wonderful night it was , one to replay in my memory forever! Long live Bob Dylan! In addition to all this I embraced my friends Ian Gallon, Andrea Orlandi and went there with my and Bob’s friend Denise Mercedes.

Review Location: 
Beacon Theatre, New York City
Review Date: 
Friday, December 6, 2019
Review Author: 
Daniel Kalmann