New York, NY -- Dec 6, 2019

Bob Dylan and his band performed a magnificent show tonight at the Beacon Theater. That a 78 year old man could put on a concert like that after 50 prior performances across the nation, coast to cost, over less than two months is extraordinary. This was the 64th time I’ve seen Dylan live since 1974. I never tire of him. He’s always reinventing his material, and the band is stellar. New drummer, Matt Chamberlain, and new guitarist, Bob Britt, were excellent. Continuing a trend that started around 2014, Dylan, himself, sounded great. I could make out every lyric, and he actually spoke to the audience, introducing the band members, and acknowledging audience members, Martin Scorsese and Little Steven. I don’t know how much longer Dylan is going to do this (he started around 1960), but as long as he’s up for it, so am I!

Review Location: 
Beacon Theatre, New York City
Review Date: 
Friday, December 6, 2019
Review Author: 
Francis King