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Welcome to 1965. As the year dawns, the personalities who will define much of the music of the next fifty years – be that The Beatles, Bob Dylan, or the Rolling Stones – are all still in their early 20s. They are already working at an extremely high level, producing classic work like "Help", "Highway 61", and “Satisfaction”. In their wake, a second wave of innovators are busy determining their own paths, inspired by the work of others (“they knocked us out” is a phrase you’ll read a lot) and their own unique visions.

The music writers of "New Musical Express" and "Melody Maker" were there with them all. These were not by any means the faintly dandyish figures of the following decades. Rather, these were diligent newspapermen with musical leanings; dedicated record “trade” professionals who uncovered pivotal detail by their fastidious reporting of music events. They skillfully captured the major personalities up close, at a time where music – and along with it, music writing – was undergoing rapid change.

This is the world of The History Of Rock, a new monthly magazine and ongoing project which which reaps the benefits of this access for the reader decades later, one year at a time. This first issue, dedicated to 1965 and featuring plenty of Bob content, is available in the UK on Thursday, July 9.  Or order your copy here today!