Spring U.S. Tour Contest: What'll I Do?

Greetings Fan Club Members and Friends,
We hope you are doing well and getting excited for Bob's first tour of 2015, which starts in just a few days. We know we are, and look forward to seeing some of you in the fine states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Ohio!
Even if you can't make it out to a show this time 'round, you can get in on the action by participating in our Spring Tour Contest!
To enter, simply pick a song you think Bob will play on this upcoming US tour that he did not play last year. One of the best places to refresh your memory on recent set lists is at Boblinks (http://boblinks.com/guide.html).   
Maybe it'll be a gambling song played at one of the casino shows. Or perhaps he'll bring back Like a Rolling Stone or some other classic. Will he play one of the still-not-played songs off Tempest, like 'Narrow Way', or maybe even the title track, on the 14th day of April, in Savannah, GA?! Will he play 'Isis' on the 5th day of May in Houston? Or perhaps that's where we'll get 'If You Ever Go To Houston.'
Or maybe it will be a song off Shadows in the Night. To paraphrase from a song off that new recording: What'll he do?
Since there are so many choices and we want to hear all your best guesses, we're allowing up to three songs for each entry. Only one of your answers needs to be right to win - picking more than one just ups your odds.
Prizes will include: 
- a copy of Shadows in the Night on CD
- a copy of AARP Magazine Feb/March issue with Bob on the cover and interview inside
To enter, simply email your choice(s) to us at info@thebobdylanfanclub.com. The contest will close at show time on Friday, April 10, with the start of the Atlantic City show. Do submit an entry even if you own both of the above items, since we have other cool prizes that we could send you instead. Everyone who chooses accurately will win something! Woo hoo!
We look forward to all your answers and can't wait to have Bob trekking across the country once again! Have a good time out there and, as always,
If you see us, say hello!
Caroline & Kait