Summer 2011 - The Bob Dylan Electric Omnibus

Greetings Fan Club members and friends!


We'd like to say "Happy Summer!" with a cool freebie for everyone and a chance to win more.  Attached here for your pleasure is a sampler of The Bob Dylan Electric Omnibus, a collection of some of the best Dylan-related journalism from the music press from 1965 to to the present day. Edited by former MOJO editor, Mat Snow, the Bob Dylan Electric Omnibus has been published by Rock's Backpages for Kindle and is available in two volumes here at Amazon.


The attached Sampler is a nice introduction to the Omnibus and is readable on most devices. Just grab the attachment, download the appropriate reader, and enjoy!


We've also been asked to spread the word on a brand new DVD, "Bob Dylan Revealed", so you know what that means... CONTEST TIME! We've posted some info and reviews on our website here at News and Updates. Sounds good, right? The DVD is available for purchase at Weiner World, but you can also play here to win a free copy.


Here's the deal:


Since one theme of this film is the varied nature of Bob's tours and live performances, AND we have a new U.S. tour looming (yay!) we want you to guess a song that Bob will play only ONCE this tour. In the event that there is more than one correct answer, the winner will be randomly selected from all correct submissions. If there are no correct answers (for example, Bob doesn't play any song just once) we will either pick theclosest answer if there is one (for example, the person who picks a song that Bob plays just twice), pick randomly from the closest answers if there are more than one, OR revert to a random drawing from all submissions (if no one is close). Either way, someone's getting a free DVD, so it is a great idea for you to send in an answer! Only one song per answer and only one answer per person, please, and email us your entry here by 7:30 PM Pacific Time on Thursday, July 14. We will select and announce the winner within a few days of the tour's end.


Good luck & have fun out there! We hope LOTS of you will be getting to see Bob soon and, as always, if you see us, say hello!


Caroline and Kait