Meet Other Fans

What makes Bob a singular live performer? What are the characteristics of his live shows that set him apart from other performers?
What makes Bob's live performances exciting to you?
What era of Bob's music would you consider his peak? What era resonates most with you and why?
What are some elements of Bob's music that got and keep you interested?
  • Steve Walsh
    “Pretty much everything, but perhaps above all I love his sense of humor, which is felt in the lyrics and the music.”
  • Sam Heaton
    “The vocals on Love and Theft are what really got me, but I'd like to go back a little further, to the Academy Awards in 2001…what I saw is still one of my favorite performances to this day. The way it looked and sounded was completely unique to that performance. It was scary and brilliant. As soon as it was over I ran to my computer, logged on to Napster (remember Napster?) and searched “Things Have Changed.” What I got was excellent, but I was surprised at how different it was from the television performance. That's when I understood what exactly he did.”