It's night time in the Big City
The air is thick with a chemical
a woman takes a shower before going home to her husband This is Theme Time Radio Schnizzle My Drizzle
Hello...This is Bob Dylan (Bob's Anwsering Machine)
On the way to the studio I almost hit a telephone operator with my car. It was a close call.

The Singers and Songs

  • Talk to Me Baby
  • Atomic Telephone
  • Pennsylvania 6-5000
  • Etta James ( Miss Peaches )
    842-3089 (Call Me)
  • Eddy Gorman and His Group
    Telephone Blues
  • The Jukebox and the Phone
  • George Jones
    Wrong Number
    "The Possum"
  • Party Line
  • Party Line
    He was called 'Cleanhead' cause he burned all his hair off with hair straightener. The first time I heard this song it knocked my socks off!"
  • Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn
    As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone
    (Recommended by Pete Wolf) "Jumpin' Jehoshaphat, you don't hear records like that anymore!"
  • Muddy Waters
    Long Distance Operator
  • Your Wire's Been Tapped
  • Blondie
    Hanging on a Telephone
  • Little Milton and Olive Sain's Orchestra
    Long Distance Operator
  • Hank Penny
    Hold the Phone
  • La Bochinchera
  • Wrong Humber Again
    "The distinctive voice of Aaron Neville... a lot of people think we sing the same."
  • Telephone is Ringing
  • Natacha Snitkine
    Le Jeu Du Téléphone

The Other People and Players

  • Killed his wife
  • and the (Light Crust Doughboys) Texas Playboys
  • Don Foster
  • Fontella Bass
  • Albert King
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Johnny Otis
  • Invented the telephone in 1876 made his first telephone call to his assistant saying 'Mr. Watson , come here I want you.' He thought you should say 'Ahoy, Ahoy' when you answered?
  • Abraham Lincoln

The Other Songs and Albums

The Guests

The Movies and TV Shows

The Places

  • Fresno
  • Birmingham, AL
  • East St. Louis
  • Semoodio Itnl. Airport
  • Durham, NC
  • Scottsville, KY
  • Juke Joints (Juke Boxes)
  • Hollywood
  • France
  • Los Angeles
  • Texas

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Random Phone Stuff

Commercials and Public Service Announcements

"If you'll excuse me I'm gonna make a few phone calls"