Thanksgiving Leftovers

It's night time in the big city Uncle Jim dozes in front of the television A woman puts extra stuffing into a zip-lock bag “I'll let you in on a little secret. We plan the shows pretty carefully, but sometimes I get to yappin' and we don't have room for all the records I pick out.”

The Singers and Songs

  • Hallelujah I'm a Bum
    “He was a sheepherder, a railroader, a union organizer, a cowboy, a hobo, a muleskinner, and a musician.”
  • Let Me Play With Your Poodle
    “On the Dog show I must have brought in like 50 records. We didn't get a chance to play em all, so let me share a couple of ‘em with ya today on our Leftovers show. Tampa Red & Big Maceo wanna play with your poodle. They're saying it's your poodle dog, but I have my doubts. This was recorded for the Bluebird record label, and it's a good example of what was known as the Bluebird Beat.”
  • Yard Dog
  • The Turkey Hop
    “Even though we're mostly having leftovers, it seems appropriate that we should have one fresh dish.”
  • Honeysuckle Rose
  • Twelve Red Roses
  • Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
    “His real first name was Enos, but he earned his nickname after an incident involving a swarm of mosquitoes.”
  • Billie Holiday
    Them There Eyes
    “With her soft rounded cheeks and eyes as bright as sunlight on a stream.”
  • Angel Eyes
  • Gunslingers
    “We've told you before how Calypso is kind of like a musical commentary on the daily goings on. This song is no exception.”
  • Let's Be Friends
    “Our next singer is a real character, and was a close friend of Little Richard. As a matter of fact, Richard credits him as being one of his biggest influences.”
  • Whiskey Is The Devil (In Liquid Form)
    “Another show that had a lot of extra songs was about the Devil. So we're gonna give the Devil his due again for a moment.”
  • Dinah Washington
    Teach Me Tonight
    “Dinah was one of the greatest of the jazz singers, and her throaty sass, soulful vocal dips, and end of the lyric growls make this version…an invitation that's almost impossible to resist.”
  • Teacher Teacher
  • Muddy Waters
    Iodine In My Coffee
    “Whoah. No matter how many times you hear it, it sends a chill up your spine.”
  • You Eat Too Much
  • Pie In The Sky

The Other People and Players

The Other Songs and Albums

  • Goodnight, My Love
  • Sparrow in Hi-Fi
  • Dust On The Bible
  • The Drunkard's Grave
  • In the Sweet Bye and Bye

The Movies and TV Shows

The Places

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Montgomery, LA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • New York

Record Labels

  • Capitol Records
  • Cobra Records
  • Blue Bird Records

Radio Shows

Food Featured in Jingles

“I gotta go somewhere, loosen my belt, and sit down for a while. If you wanna to make up a tin foil swan and fill it with stuffin', maybe I'll take it with me.”