Around the World pt. 2

It’s night time in the big city

A woman realizes she’s no longer in love

The batteries in the remote control are dead


“Here at Theme Time Radio Hour, we circumnavigate the globe and bring back music for your edification.”

Singers and Songs

  • All Around the World
  • Nuevo Laredo
  • Ferry Cross the Mersey
  • Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie
    Night in Tunisia

    (Clip played in background)

  • Celia Cruz
  • When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano

    “Everybody wanted to sing like Bill Kinney. You can hear him in Clyde McFadder, Jackie Wilson, Elvis Presley, and a host of others who don’t even know they’re trying to sing like Bill Kinney, who try to sing like Clyde McFadder, Jackie Wilson, Elvis Presley, etc. etc., and so it goes, down the lines of history.”

  • Chris Powell & The Blue Flames
    I Come From Jamaica

    “This song’s from the early 50’s and it’s one of the first American records I know to be influenced by the rhythms coming out of Jamaica.”

  • Lloyd Clark
    Japanese Girl
  • Going to Germany
  • Ubangi Stomp
  • Hank Thompson
    Rockin in the Congo

    “A lot of the rockabilly and country guys were fascinated with this part of the world.”

  • Maxine Sullivan
    Loch Lomond

    “…along with her husband John Kirby, swinging the traditional song.”

  • The Irish Rover

    “This song…is an old song. There’s lots of variant versions of it, but these are the guys I first heard singing it. I heard it live; you’re gonna have to hear it on a record.”

  • Ricky Nelson
    Travelin’ Man
  • Josh White
    I Don’t Intend to Die in Egyptland
  • Dean Martin
    Arrivederci Roma

    “Italy is shaped like a boot, and one guy I get a boot out of is Dean Martin. He was the smoothest singer of the 50’s and 60’s; Elvis Presley wanted to be him, as did Frank Sinatra, for two very different reasons. Here’s Deano…and I call him Deano.”

  • Whole Wide World

Other People and Players

The Places

  • Italy
  • The Congo
  • Pangaea

    “... a super-continent…and I’m not makin' that word up.”

  • Texas
  • Liverpool
  • United Kingdom
  • The North End Music Store
  • Capistrano
  • Albania
  • Philadelphia
  • Jamaica
  • Tokyo
  • London
  • Carnegie Hall
  • India
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Memphis
  • The Republic of Congo
  • The Central African Republic
  • The Sudan
  • Uganda
  • Rwanda
  • Burundi
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia
  • Angola
  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • Memphis, TN
  • Scotland
  • Loch Ness

    “No relation to Eliot”

  • Ireland
  • Dublin
  • New Bedford, MA
  • County Cork
  • North America
  • China
  • West Indies
  • Caribbean Isles
  • Panama

Record Labels

  • Capital Records
  • Sun Records
  • King Records

Other Songs and Albums

The Guests

  • Steve Earle

“Some people are just travelers. Other people want to get there first; they’re called explorers.”