“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird. Most likely it’s a bird…you might want to gather up some twigs, some little bits of yarn, almost any kind of material that you might find, build yourself a little nest, settle in for the next hour…We’ll talk about bird brains, eagle eyes, the bluebird of happiness, we’ll play a little chicken, we’ll find something to crow about, and maybe even flip you the bird.”

Singers and Songs

  • Fats Domino
    The Rooster Song
  • Merrill Moore
    Cooing To The Wrong Pigeon

    “It’s good to hear him step up to the microphone and poundin’ those 88’s.”

  • Bluebird
  • Mississippi John Hurt
  • Clarence Ashley
    The Coo Coo Bird
  • Bird On A Wire
  • Al Jolson
    When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin’ Along
  • Rudy Green And His Orchestra
    Buzzard Pie
  • Mel Blanc
    Daffy Duck’s Rhapsody
  • Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band
    Ice Cream For Crow

    “Here’s a song that goes as straight as the crow flies”

  • Roy Acuff and His Crazy Tennesseans
    Great Speckled Bird

    “…Four songs, one melody. What’s all the noise about – I’ll let you listen. Maybe you’ll write some new words to it and it’ll climb to the top of the charts. It worked before, maybe it’ll work again.”

  • Tony Allen and The Champs
    Night Owl
  • Wings of a Dove
  • Shake A Tail Feather

Other People and Players

The Places

  • Egypt
  • Rome
  • Gaul
  • England
  • The Battle of Waterloo
  • Montreal
  • Korea
  • Glendale, CA
  • Texas
  • Jamaica

Record Labels

  • Specialty Records
  • Capital Records

Other Songs and Albums

The Guests

  • Billy Vera

“How 'bout next week, we postpone the show we were going to do and we just play more bird songs? ‘Cause I ain’t even touched the dance crazes yet. You got The Funky Chicken, The Drunken Pelican, The Spastic Penguin, The Tufted Puffin… those are just the ones I can do. In the meantime, you go ahead and dance around your house, or as the Five Du-Tones put it, shake a tail feather. We’ll see you next week. Don’t stray to far from the nest.”