Classic Rock

It’s night time in the big city

A woman dances beneath a strobe light

A man rolls a joint on the second Johnny Winter album

(Jimi Hendrix, Third Stone From The Sun in background)


“It’s October, or as I like to call it, Rock-tober. Which of course means next month is Roll-vember…May you never hear surf music again. That’s actually Jimi’s thought, not mine.”

Singers and Songs

  • Be Careful of the Stones That You Throw
  • Ray Anthony Orchestra
    Rock Around the Rock Pile

    “You’ll hear a siren on this record; it’s not really a siren, it’s Jane Mansfield screaming.”

  • Muddy Waters
    Rolling Stone
  • The Stanley Brothers
    Rock Of Ages
  • Ray Charles
    Sticks and Stones

    “A lot of people think that Ray Charles stopped making tough R & B when he left Atlantic Records. They think all of his records had strings and he was going after the pop audience. While a lot of his albums were like that, he was still issuing singles that had that great combo sound. Here’s an example.”

  • Gonna Dance All Night

    “You know why that record sounds so good? Because it was a performance. The whole band was playing together in the studio. It wasn’t a thing assembled from parts, put together in little bits and pieces, until you had a complete take. Everyone started at the same time and finished pretty much at the same time, and all the time in between you just hung on for dear life. You can feel that energy in the record. And you can hear also in there how the line is blurry. It’s a hillbilly record, but if I told you Louis Jordan recorded that song you wouldn’t blink an eye.”

  • The Heartbreakers (featuring Johnny Thunders)
    Chinese Rocks
  • The Osborne Brothers
    Rocky Top
  • Dick Curless
    A Tombstone Every Mile

    “If you’re listening to this show while driving, pull over and get your rest. Don’t be tempted by those little white pills: the crossroads, the greenies, the bennies, the West Coast turnarounds…no matter what they’re called, they spell trouble, and that’s with a capital T. A public service announcement from your friends here at TTRH.”

  • Rollin’ Stone
  • Warren Smith
    Uranium Rock

    “This one’s for all the metal heads.”

  • Your Love Belongs Under a Rock
  • Sam Stone

Other People and Players

The Places

Record Labels

  • Atlantic
  • Excello

Other Songs and Albums

  • The Girl Can’t Help It
    (Clip played)
  • Bye Bye Love
  • Wake Up Little Susie
  • All You Have To Do Is Dream
  • Love Hurts
  • Iron Man
    (Clip played)
  • Cuffed, Collared, and Tagged

The Guests

  • Cat Power
  • Porky Pig
  • Jack White

The Movies and TV Shows

  • The Girl Can’t Help It
  • Rocky

Bob's Geology Lesson

  • “The earth is divided into three layers: there’s the core, the mantle, and the crust. The core is very hot. The middle layer, the mantle, is made of minerals and it rides on top of the hot core. The very top, the part we’re standing on, is the crust. There are two types of crust: flaky and graham cracker…nah, just checking to see if you were listening.”

Famous People's Headstones

  • W.C. Fields: "I’d rather be in Philadelphia."
  • Oscar Lavonte: "I told them I was ill"
  • Alexander The Great: "A tomb now suffices him for whom the world was not enough."
  • Jackie Gleeson: "And Away We Go!"
  • Groucho Marx: "Excuse me, I can’t stand up."
  • Emily Dickinson: "Call Back."
  • Aeschylus

    "This tomb, the dust of Aeschylus doth hide Euphorion’s son and Gela’s pride How tried his valor, Marathon may tell; Long-haired Persians knew it all too well."

  • Mel Black: "That’s all folks."

Famous Mr.'s

  • James Brown

    Mr. Dynamite

“For all you first time listeners, this is how we roll: with nothin’ but classic rock!”