It’s night time in the big city

That car’s still outside

The first ray of sunlight peeks over the ____ mountains


“I don’t mean to be an alarmist but today’s show is dedicated to telling you to be careful. We’re gonna sound the klaxon, put up the yellow perimeter tape, don our hazmat suites, and ride like Paul Revere as we shout ‘Danger’s afoot!’ So grab your gas masks, keep your eye on the speedometer, take your Cipro, and stay at a heightened state of awareness.”

Singers and Songs

  • The Sunshine Boys
    Danger Zone
  • Esther Phillips
    Better Beware

    “Here’s a track which is a great snapshot. It’s from 1951. R & B was just beginning to turn into rock and roll, the bee bop players were still playing in the clubs, and this record has all of it.”

  • Eyes of Danger
  • Bob Dorough
    You’re the Dangerous Type
  • John Brim
    Be Careful What You Say and Do
  • Diesel Smoke (Dangerous Curves)
  • Dave Edmunds
    Crawling From the Wreckage
  • Eddie Constantine
    Hey Mr. Caution
  • Irving Caesar
    Ice Skating is Nice Skating

    (Clip played)

  • D is for Dangerous
  • First Choice
    Armed and Extremely Dangerous
  • Cousin Keith Loyd
    Dangerous Crossing
  • Danger Zone
  • Charles Oldfather
    Shake Hands With Danger

Other People and Players

The Places

  • Cincinnati
  • Houston
  • Cherry Hill, AZ
  • Vienna
  • Cardiff, Wales
  • France
  • England
  • Philadelphia
  • University of Kansas
  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Record Labels

Other Songs and Albums

The Guests

  • John C. Reilly

Bob’s A – Z List of Dangers

  • A is for Acid

    “They (Arctic Monkeys) took care of D; I wanna help them out with the other 25 letters of the alphabet. Personally I think any one of these would be a good song title.”

  • B is for Bomb
  • C is for Cyanide
  • E is for Electrocution
  • F is for Fence – Electrified
  • G is for Guillotine
  • H is for Heroin
  • I is for Invasion Forces
  • J is for Jagged Edges
  • K is for Kicking Mules
  • L is for Lightening
  • M is for Murder
  • N is for Napalm
  • O is for Organized Crime
  • P is for Pythons
  • Q is for Quicksand
  • R is for Rustlers
  • S is for Strychnine
  • T is for TNT
  • U is for Unabomber
  • V is for Vixens
  • W is for War
  • X is for X-Rays
  • Y is for Yellow Fever
  • Z is for Zeppelins – like the Hindenburg