It’s night time in the big city.

Something isn’t quite right.

Nobody will answer the phone.

“Every place I go, and I go a lot of places, people say hello.”

Singers and Songs

  • Sherman Williams Orchestra

    “A little riff rocker”

  • Ricky Nelson
    Hello Mary Lou

    “One person we got to say hello to is someone who said goodbye much too soon. He’s the man who brought rock and roll into America’s living rooms. Here’s a song that reached number 9 on the Billboard Charts…then they turned it over, and the B side went all the way to number 1.”

  • Hello, It’s Me

    “As Todd (Rundgren) always used to say to me ‘Dum vivimus, vivamus,’ which roughly translated means, ‘While we live, let us live.’ Todd’s a smart guy.”

  • Hello Darlin’

    “His dad was a river boat pilot who taught him guitar at age 4. And as much as he loved music, he loved baseball just as much. He actually received an offer to join the Philadelphia Phillies, but patriotic-minded Harold joined the army instead. When he got out of the army, he heard Elvis’ Mystery Train, and started writing songs.”

  • Hello Josephine

    “This record is probably most familiar to ya from Fats Domino, but I couldn’t resist playing this hard rocking version.”

  • I Wanna Say Hello

    “The man who brought accordion into Western Swing.”

  • Mardi Gras Loungers
    Hello Mello Baby

    “A song that’ll help you get down to the real nitty gritty.”

  • Buck Owens
    Hello Trouble

    “Alvis Edgar Owens, Jr. nicknamed himself after a mule on his family farm.”

  • The Radiolites
    Hello! Aloha! How Are You?

    “Here’s an example of some great Hawaiian-influenced music that caught the ear of New Yorkers... An example of how Hawaiian music met big bands and created something new.”

  • Willie Nelson
    Hello Walls

    “Another great American…”

  • The Carter Family
    Hello Stranger
  • Barbara Lewis
    Hello Stranger
  • Hello In There
  • Hello I Must Be Going

    Clip played

  • The Beatles
    Hello, Goodbye

    “The song was originally called ‘Hello, Hello’ and if it had kept that name we couldn’t have played it here, because we need a hello song that says goodbye!”

    “I always love the crazy fade on that record…”

Other People and Players

  • Elvis
  • “Call me old fashioned, but I still always say ‘How do you do?’ when I see someone.”

  • Mark Twain
  • The President
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Ransom Stoddard
  • Skippy Brooks
  • Elvin Woods
  • Carson Van Osten
  • Minnie Pearl
  • Freddie Coleman
  • The Buckaroos
  • Eddie McDuff
  • Orville Crouch
  • Joan Baez
  • Bette Midler
  • James Brown
  • Jimmy Stewart
  • Faron Young
  • Fats Domino
  • Elvis Presley
    "Cleaned up that naughty 'One Night' and hit big with it" “the swivel hipped rockabilly cat”

The Places

  • Nashville
  • Nazareth
  • Friars Point, MS
  • Arkansas
  • Twitty City
  • Paris
  • Notre Dame
  • Avalon
  • New Orleans
  • Bourbon Street
  • Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • Niagara Falls
  • Michigan
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Korea
  • Liverpool

Record Labels

Other Songs and Albums

The Guests

The Books and Poems

The Poets and Writers

  • Albert Camus

    “Poet of existentialist nothingness”

Other People With Diminutive Nicknames

Femme Fatales

Femme Fatales in Movies

New Orleans Dancing Girls

  • Evangeline the Oyster Girl
  • Alouette LeBlanc the Tassel Twirler
  • Rita Alexander the Champagne Girl
  • Tee Tee Red
  • The Cupid Doll

    “Nowadays it seems like every girl is named Amber”

New Orleans Lounges

  • 500 Club
  • Sho Bar
  • Casino Royale