It’s night time in the big city

A hotdog vendor drains water from his cart

There’s a low cloud cover


“We’ll be talking about love letters, pen pals, going postal, ransom notes, letters to dear John, and Dear Abbey, Miss Lonelyhearts…we’ll be returning things to sender, and we’ll be telling you that your check’s in the mail.”

Singers and Songs

  • John Worthan
    I Wrote You A Letter

    (Played in background)

  • The Marvellettes
    Please Mr. Postman

    “You know, when we come up with these themes, we try to stay away from the obvious choices. But occasionally there are some that you just have to play, like this one.”

  • Jimmy Ricks and The Ravens
    Write Me a Letter

    “You got to wonder, why don’t piano players play like that any more?!”

  • Alex Chilton and The Box Tops
    The Letter

    “The 2nd shortest single to reach #1”

  • Tiny Bradshaw and His Orchestra
    Mailman’s Sack
  • Take a Letter, Maria
  • Earl Robinson
    Mail Myself to You
  • The Letter
  • A Letter Home

    “Our next artist joined the Hy-Tone label, where he first recorded this song; but we’re gonna play the version of 1949 that he recorded for King. I’ve always been partial to the band he had around that time…I’m sure all you jazz fans recognized that after Slim sings, ‘Things ain’t like they used to be’ the saxophone players play the riff from the Duke Ellington song of the same name.”

  • Jean Shepard and Ferlin Husky
    A Dear John Letter
  • Eddy Arnold
    That’s All She Wrote

    (Clip played)

  • I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

    “He took up the piano at age six and also played the Hammond organ and the pipe organ, which he called the God Box. He was a great singer as well as a piano player.”

  • Gene Terry and The Downbeats
    No Mail Today

    “He grew up listening to his father and grandfather performing Cajun songs, but when he formed his first band, the Cool Cats, in the mid 50’s he was doing straight ahead country and western songs. But the rock and roll bug bit him and he started playing louder and faster.”

  • Tear Stained Letter
  • Air Mail Special On The Fly

    “The longest active professional brother duet in country music history…55 years.”

  • The Velvetones
    The Glory of Love
  • Sister Wynonna Carr
    A Letter to Heaven

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