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“You know what happens every Presidents' Day, stores have big sales. They gotta clear their shelves and we’re gonna do the same thing. We’re gonna go through the Theme Time Radio supply closet and pull up some of the old stock and songs we didn’t have time for in our other shows while we celebrate all of the years presidents.”

Singers and Songs

  • Charlie Poole
    White House Blues

    “You know a lot of early blues and folk songs have lyrics that are passed around from performer to performer. Each one putting their own spin on it, with the lyrics kinda floating from person to person."

  • Johnny Taylor
    Hello Sundown
  • Ruth Brown
    Hello Little Boy

    “...singing with a whole lot of enthusiasm. Nowadays you hear all these singers that are too cool for school. No such problem with Miss Rhythm. She was a fellow disc jockey hosting Public Radio’s 'Harlem Hit Parade.' I always enjoy playing a fellow disc jockey. ”

  • James K Polk

    “They Might Be Giants might sound like a odd name for a band, but it was actually taken from a film starring George C Scott called The Hustler.”

  • Polk Salad Annie

    “Doesn’t have anything to do really with James K Polk, but it was a good excuse to play it.”

  • Charles Giteau
  • I Don't Want to Be President
  • Wynonie Harris
    I Feel That Old Age Coming On

    “We’ve played a Wynonie Harris a few time in the past, but sometimes I think we should be playing him every show.”

  • Lincoln and Liberty

    “A song about our tallest president”

  • JB Lenoir
    Livin' In The White House
  • Nina Simone
    Don't Smoke In Bed
  • Attila
    Roosevelt In Trinidad

    “He wasn’t just a Calypsonian, he was a politician!”

  • The Soul Stirrers
    Why I Like Roosevelt
  • It's All In The Game

    “The only hit I know written by a Vice President, though I hear Dick Cheney is working on a folk rock record.”

  • Walkin'

    “It’s President’s Day here at TTRH as you know, that’s when we pass the savings along to you, the listener.”

  • When You Walk In The Room
  • Frank Sinatra
    High Hopes

    “Frank always liked powerful men…He performed at fundraisers. Is that the kind you shave with? That’s a fun razor. This was a fundraiser; you have to pronounce the “d“. Anyway Sinatra went back and forth between day-time democrat supporting Kennedy and a nighttime full of rat pack, booze, broads and crime.”

  • Clover
    Mr. Moon

    “We’re emptying out our closets in honor of President’s Day.”

  • Country Joe and The Fish

    “Here’s a group that took their name from Mao Tse Tung and Stalin. No wonder they never had a hit.”

  • James Brown
    Funky President
  • Gloomy Sunday
  • That Was The President
  • Buddy and Ella Johnson
    Go Upside Your Head

    “I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of that fist.”

  • Little Walter
    Dead Presidents

    “While we’re talking about presidents, lets talk presidents everybody loves. Those’d be dead presidents. The ones that jingle in your pocket or you carry folded up in your wallet.”

  • Impeach The President
  • Hank Penny
  • Rod and The MSR Singers
    Richard Nixon
  • Gene Marshall
    Jimmy Carter Says Yes
  • Randy Newman
    Have Pity On The Working Man

Other People and Players

The Places

Record Labels

Other Songs and Albums

The Guests


  • Chester A Arthur

    (Made Washington’s birthday a holiday in 1885)

  • Washington
  • Lincoln
  • Harrison
  • Polk
  • Nixon
  • FDR
  • (Known as “The idol of Ohio” who put this country on the road to world power.

  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • James Garfield
  • Taylor
  • Harding
  • Kennedy
  • Carter
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Coolidge
  • Grant
  • Tyler
  • Johnson
  • Clinton

Requirements to be President

  • Native Born US Citizen
  • 35 Years of Age
  • Must Live in US for at least 14 Years

“I wanna remind you, while we’re talking about all things presidential, that this is election year. Get out and vote. Go make a difference before they change the rules and just appoint the president for us. It’s getting pretty close".