Cops and Robbers

“We’re gonna be looking at officers and fuzz, bulls and coppers, private eyes, private investigators, police and private detectives, deputies and constables, lawmen, marshals, and meter maids, the law, and the man. But of course that’s just one side of the law. We’re also gonna turn the Theme Time spotlight on bandits and buccaneers, burglars and cheats, conmen and crooks, looters and marauders, something and pickpockets, stickup men, swindlers, thieves, thugs, gangsters, gunmen and hijackers. Bruisers and Godfathers, Mafioso and mobsters. I’m sure we have a lot of listeners on both sides.”

Singers and Songs

  • Call The Police
    “What made their sound so swingin’ is that they didn’t use a drummer and the rhythmic pulse was carried by that big bass fiddle.”
  • Red Simpson
    The Highway Patrol
    “The forgotten man of the Bakersfield sound”
  • Dupree Blues
  • Billy Bragg and Wilco
    Against the Law
  • I Fought The Law
  • Freddie ‘Bama Boy’ Hall and his Gadsden Band
    This Crooked World
  • Poor Jesse James
  • The Byrds
    Pretty Boy Floyd
  • The Coasters
    Bad Detective
    “Using bad as a bit of braggadocio and not casting any aspersions on his abilities.”
  • Los Socios De San Antonio
    La Muerte De Fred Gomez Carrasco
  • Eddy Grant and the Equals
    Police On My Back
  • Smiley Lewis
    Dirty People
  • Merle Haggard
    I’m a Lonesome Fugitive
    “A man who never forgot where he came from; he’s the real deal.”

Other People and Players

Other Songs and Albums


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  • Spiderman Comics

Books and Poems

  • Crime and Punishment
  • Webster’s Dictionary

Movies and TV Shows


  • Mona Lisa
  • The Scream

“This is Theme Time Radio Hour, your police headquarters for illicit themes, illegal schemes, and hijacked dreams”