Noah's Ark II

It’s night time in the big city

A cop runs a license plate

I never tell the truth


“Don’t be a jackass! We’re gonna go ape. Take the bull by the horns. Play a little cat and mouse. Shoot some fish in a barrel. And go hog-wild. ‘Cause I’m crazy like a fox, proud as a peacock. So unless you’re ugly as a toad I’m ready to talk turkey. There’ll be no weaseling out as we have as much fun as a barrel of monkeys.”

Singers and Songs

  • The Meters
    They All Asked For You
  • There’s a Moose on the Loose
    “One of my three favorite songs about meese.”
  • The Jefferson Airplane
    White Rabbit
    “Telling us to feed our heads. That’s not a direct quotation from the dormouse, by the way.”
  • Carried Water for the Elephant
  • Randy Newman
    Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear
  • Fox on the Run
  • Sea Lion Woman
  • Joni Mitchell
    “Here’s another strong-willed woman, and I mean that in the best possible way… (Coyotes are) a very vocal animal… use short barks to warn of danger…whine and whimper when they are establishing bonds. They produce high pitched barks to summon puppies and sometimes, late at night when they’re all relaxing, they sing Joni Mitchell songs.”
  • Johnny Mercer
    The Possum Song
  • Toots and the Maytals
    Monkey Man
    “I think that might have been produced by the Chinese-Jamaican producer, Leslie Kong. Chinese-Jamaican…that’d be a good kinda food. Get myself some General Tso’s Jerk Chicken!”
  • Bert the Turtle (The Duck and Cover Song)
    “A very sick song from a very sick time.”
  • The Blues Rockers (featuring Lazy Bill Lucas)
    Calling All Cows
  • Memphis Minnie
    One Black Rat
  • On the Wings of a Snow White Dove

Other People and Players

Other Songs and Albums

The Plays & Musicals

  • Peter Pan

Record Labels

  • Excello Records
  • Choral
  • King Records
  • Specialty



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Movies and TV Shows

Vaudeville Animal Acts

“This is Theme Time Radio Hour, your home for barking dreams, roaring themes, and slithering schemes. Climb aboard Noah’s Ark with us. It’s a musical menagerie, animalistically speaking.”