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time in a bottle
I've been a fan since (63) a freshman in h.s. and I like his new stuff, for his a God to me .Name my first born Dylan in 76, and he likes  Bob, not as much as his dad.I do love the older stuff from the 60's cause I remember what he was saying when he said it.And it was a voice that came from us.As we listened to his words to our hearts.His prashes has stayed with me my whole life.LIKE" know your song well before you start singing","we just see things from 2 sides of a coin"and many more.I'm 63 now a remember the first time I heard him and where I was,and saw him in the village in cafe wha not performing just hanging out with others,his motorcycle accident sent us to panic,and his true fans did not turn away when he went electric we where there for the words not how he how he would send it to us.Listen I could go on forever, but enough said. So you go your way and I'll go mine.
That little bir...
Time in a Bottle
I Love that Title, Only a Hobo!!!
How many bottles have you collected since? 
What i mean is, we all have certain songs that will forever be linked to certain memories,
Or ages. I came into this world the summer of 63 as Bob was burning bright that first year at Newport. My older brother was sent that summer to the relatives in Rhode Island, so Blowing in the Wind, because it got lots of radio play that summer, always reminds him of me :)
I was talking to a 20 something kid the other day who has been digging on the Prog. Rock of the 70's lately and was listening to ELP while we talked. And I walked away feeling 14 again in me head! Hahahah
But Mr. Bob has been there for all cycles of my life and unlike other artists, Dylan's work is timeless to me. So many songs, so many memories. Bob holds up eh? I'm loving new memories to old songs lots recently. 
I even got a new perspective on It's All Over Now Baby Baby Baby Blue ( I know, poetic license) yet a new view indeed in light of the way lights seem to be going out all over lately. 
Even these reworked songs from the American classics. He's whittled down songs made for Big Band's into absolute Gems for a 5 piece!!! Ahhhh but Bob has also always been a Crooner.
He may not be my G-D but he sure has written the prayers that get me there!!!! 
And back again! No clue who or where'd I be without Masters of War, when I was in school!!!!
So Yes, indeed, How many bottles? 
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