What does the different beat mean

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What does the different beat mean
I know next to nothing about music, but what I am trying to understand is Bob's different style of playing. From what I am reading in "Chronicals" is that he uses a 3 beat mixed with a 4 beat. I am a roller figure skater and sometimes skate to dances and I can count beats ok. I'm wondering if an example of what I am hearing is like in the song "Long and wasted years", you can count 4 beats real slow or 3, 6 beats fast at the same time. In "Tempest", the 3 beats between each of the 4 beats is easy to follow, like a waltz mixed with a 4 beat song. Like I said, I know nothing about music and am just guessing here. Any help or ideas?
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It means his music style goes
It means his music style goes w-a-y back to old folk songs, a different beat all right.   Isn't he great???

Bob Dylan: changed music forever. He is a Paradox indeed....

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I asked my friend, who is
I asked my friend, who is quite an accomplished musician and knows music theory, if he knew what Bob was talking about Chronicles, and his answer was, "I have NO IDEA what he's talking about." I studied music, classical piano, for 12 years, and also played drums in school band as well as flute, a little violin, and started playing guitar about 2 years ago. I know a little bit about music theory. But what he said in Chronicles about the "mathematical" stuff he learned from Lonnie Johnson is completely mysterious to me. And my friend, also a musician, was just as baffled as I was by that section of the book.
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Thanks :)

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