Fan Reviews

  • San Diego, CA -- October 24, 2012

    I've seen Dylan many times in San Diego, and for some reason, he always seems to deliver. Tonight was no exception. Smiling and laughing, Bob repeated the verse "pick up your money and pack up your tent" over and over during "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" as if he was fond of that line.

  • Santa Barbara, CA -- October 22, 2012

    Last June, I did the Santa Barbara Bowl and Pacific Amphitheatre and since then, things have changed. I've read all about the baby grand piano but didn't realize what a major difference the instrument has made on Bob's performance. He seems revitalized. I don't know a lot about music but it seems to me that Dylan's piano is often used as a lead instrument as he duels note for note with guitars during musical interludes.
  • Las Vegas, NV -- July 16, 2011

    OMG!! (as they say). I am still levitating from this show. I thought Bob and
    his Band were on fire the previous night at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa
    Mesa. Tonight they were as scorching hot as the pavement in Vegas. I think
    this was one of my favorite, maybe even my favorite, show from the last 3 or 4
    years. The Pearl Concert Theater is small with 2500 seats arranged in a U-shape
    around the stage. Dark, murky lighting ("the light in this place is really
    bad.......") and very hushed as people found their seats. There was no
  • Costa Mesa, CA -- July 15, 2011

    Get ready everyone!! On a beautiful summer night in a packed sold out
    amphitheatre, Bob gave us a show. He came out smiling and immediately started
    dancing and doing Charlie Sexton crouches behind his keyboard as he opened with
    "Gonna Change My Way of Thinking". The set list was similar to the previous
    opening night in Santa Barbara. People of all ages, many brought their young
    children, young girls laughing and calling out to Bob to "marry me". The mood
    was set and we were happy as well as Bob. One of my husband's and mine little
  • Cork, Ireland -- June 16, 2011

    I was willing to forsake the customary Bloomsday bottle of cheap red and gorgonzola sandwich to make the trip down to a very special engagement in Cork, and with a long lunar eclipse the night before, where else are you going to go…
  • Limerick, Ireland -- July 4, 2010

    The wind in Limerick wasn't so much blowing as thunderously whipping, leaving the
    senses wide open for the exhilarating night about to unfold. From the swampy and sultry
    Beyond Here Lies Nothing' to the stark, haunting landscape of Working Man's Blues,
    every song was powerful and full of intent. Bob Dylan and his super tight Band were in magnificent form. The songs have shaped
    and shifted in many ways over the years and, according to the inherent spirit of change,
    it would be natural if the ears of those listening and the relationships to those songs had
  • Linz, Austria -- June 12, 2010

    I have never written a "review" about a (Dylan) concert, but this time, about Linz, I do have the desire to share those precious memories of that fabulous last night's show with you. I'm still under its spell, I can't help, I just need to tell,
    I am still under its spell.
  • Denver, CO -- October 21, 2009

    The Denver road…definitely not about to melt!
  • Milwaukee, WI -- July 1, 2009

    Yesterday, Michael G. Smith officially wrapped the short movie we've been filming, AT LAST OKEMAH! ( )What better way to celebrate than with a Bob Dylan concert? We piled into my car with his wife, Jill, and left Chicago early enough to beat rush hour and hit the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha , where we picked up some curds (when in Wisconsin ...) and a local "butterscotch root beer" called Dang. It was fantastic.
  • Europe -- Spring 2009

    The paths are many and the road is happiness. Setting off to see Bob is not what it seems. Friends say, "Oh cool, you are seeing Bob Dylan. How many shows? Are you kidding? Don't you get bored seeing the same show so many times?" Well, what can you say to that? "As many shows as I can afford, and as far as I can go, boredom is not an issue!"
  • Germany -- April 2009

    Hey, Maestro… It always takes some time for the dust to settle. After spending some days around the graffiti art side streets wrestling with Stasi ghosts in East Berlin it was time for the music. There were many highlights and impressions and illuminations in these German shows.
  • Kelseyville, CA -- July 28, 2007

    Even though I was in paradise the week before in a state called Colorado, Kelseyville still sustained its beauty despite the subjective scrutiny of my critical eye. In fact, I had been to the Konocti Harbor Resort on July 25, 2003 during my Dylan summer jaunt that started in Lake Tahoe and ended in Costa Mesa. Four years and three days later, on July 28, 2007, I was going back to see Bob again at this Lake County resort. I remember in 2003 Bob had said Maria Muldaur was there. I wasn't real impressed with Bob's performance that night, and I never did see Maria. Don't get me wrong.
  • Telluride, CO -- July 21, 2007

    The build up to the Colorado shows this summer was behind ridiculous. In the months leading up the announcement we’d been saying that it was time for some rocky mountain shows again. So seeing Bob at the Telluride Town Park was just the icing on the cake that we’d ordered! We’re used to lots of driving, but due to my new stick shifting car, I was at the helm. Not usually so much of a problem but I was battling a nasty cold and a fair amount of exhaustion. We made it though, past rain, through the densest fog I have ever seen and over the mountains.
  • Morrison, CO -- July 19, 2007

    The trip out to Colorado had its ups and downs, which I guess is to be expected when you keep a schedule like the one we’d been keeping. After barely sleeping a wink my last night in Michigan, we took a night flight home to SF Sunday, which was followed by a 5 hour drive northward to get home around 5:30 AM. Not much time to regroup as we need to get on the road by that same evening to make it in time. I did a pretty good job preparing for the trip before leaving for Michigan, but it’s still been two weeks since I’ve been home so the quick turnaround was a little unnerving.
  • Sterling Heights, MI -- July 11, 2007

    A very pleasant evening settled on the Freedom Hill Amphitheater as we entered the venue to the unmistakable sound of Jimmie Vaughan’s guitar, floating across the perfect Michigan summer evening. They started right on the dot at 7:00 if not even a minute or two early, and we’re later than we ever normally are. Our friends that we went with were funny though, telling us to ditch them and, “Get in there!” So we do, and I’m glad. Jimmie is so cute, looks thinner than last summer and maybe a little more gray. What a charmer!
  • Germany, Spring 2007

    When you go on an adventure like this you hope for the best possible outcome. You send out a thanks to Jupiter before you travel, and to all those who have gone before you. Bob and his band were on Fire these nights in Germany, and it was made all the more beautiful by the positivity from the country, the streets, the people, and the space around.How do you measure sound? Surely one if the ways is how is resonates within you.
  • Fargo, ND - September 9, 2006

    After missing the Sioux Falls show to cover southeast Minnesota high school football, We
    were back on the road to Fargo Saturday morning. I worked until 3 a.m., slept until 6:30,
    drove to the Twin Cites by 8 a.m. and was in the GA line by 11:30. We ended up on the
    rail at center stage, about 10 feet right of where we stood in Rochester. The day in line was very pleasant. Nice restrooms were available, it was a perfect
    weather-wise and Ally got a free cardboard box of coffee. I didn't know those even
  • Rochester, MN - September 7, 2006

    Thank goodness for that late addition of three summer ballpark tour dates.
    After contemplating long road trips that would have left me missing work and alienating
    my employer, early-September gigs in Rochester (30 minutes away), Sioux Falls and Fargo
    came to the rescue. I arrived at the Rochester show at 8 a.m. having slept for about 6 hours. In line were
    four chairs owned my Kevin and Josie and family and the always-punctual Kait and
    Caroline. I cemented my spot at 7th in line and was eventually joined by Ally, Zach and
  • Cooperstown, NY - September 2, 2006

    On September 2, 2006 the stars aligned and my interests collided: Bob Dylan
    played Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, NY--Dylan and the Baseball Hall of
    Fame, two great tastes that taste great together, together at last. A six
    hour drive from Portland Maine was made easier by the chance to spend a long
    weekend in the historic little town. But back to Dylan. It had been raining all day but by the time the doors
    opened the rain had stopped. Before the show, as were in line, Rose and I
  • Portland, OR - October 14, 2006

    The amount of time we spent in Portland was less than I've spent at any other show destination, I'm pretty sure. We drove the seven hours north from home on Saturday, saw the show, then promptly reversed direction to drive the first few hours south toward our next destination, San Francisco. Naturally, it was well worth it.
  • San Francisco, CA - October 17, 2006

    This was probably my favorite show for sheer fun and antics, and the set list was great to me. Bob and I both wore our black cowboy hats (he had been going with the flat rimmed Bolero style hat up until tonight, I'd been going hatless). The day leading up to the show had been spent in the fog of a pretty bad hangover, but we managed to muster up energy to talk with people in line, including the security, about the fan club and hand out some buttons and stickers.
  • Sacramento, CA - October 18, 2006

    Sacramento is my Hibbing , where I grew up, so it is always nice to have Bob play here and I can recruit my friends. This time however, was especially memorable. My younger brother, who turned me on to Bob, and I and two friends are regulars when in Sacramento, but this time I brought two others who have never seen Bob: my best friend and my 77yr old Mother. I was reluctant to bring her as I thought I might have to escort her to a 30 minute bathroom break during "Hard Rain" or something, but fortunately, she stayed in her seat the whole time.
  • Denver, CO - October 24, 2006

    We were at the top of our game. Well rested from an extra day off filled with naps and leisurely strolls. Just like Bob (apparently) we were also well fed thanks to The Irish Snug, The Rock Bottom Brewery and The Rio Grande On Blake (with the 3 margarita limit). I had the easiest time getting into the venue through the confusion of the 8 lines of people all stomping and snorting like ponies in the gates. For some reason unknown, my attendant must have liked me and sent me in a good 30 seconds or so before everyone else and before the pre-entry folks were even though the door.